December 20, 2009

listening to zizek on youtube is an absolute academic and intellectual necessity. mandatory viewing ladies and gentlemen. flawed as he is and extreme as he sounds, he makes himself an exemplar of intellectual discourse and of rhetoric, logos and deconstructive thinking. at times he does disappoint by beating around the bush and with his repetitive, trademark jokes, examples comments and his stale-sounding theoretic approach to answering questions. but. his emotions. his emotions, his emotional logos guides him towards the surface of the sea. and at last he rescues himself with a complete response to a question and restores his superiority.

what is beautiful about him is he is still confused. that shows the vibrancy of his creativity and his thirst for his logocentric truth. see this video ladies and gentlemen. sometimes when i hear him talk i feel a deep connection with this man. often he plucks out his answers from my brain. and answers questions in a way that i could not have answered any better.

the middle portion of this hardtalk is most interesting. note how discourse is always a power struggle and at 1st Zizek is a bit uncomfortable in front of this suited-booted bbc dude. if someone is keeping score lol, bbc dude is ahead for a while until he wants to change Zizek’s geographical orientation to liberal capitalism by putting him in India, China or Brazil. Zizek’s simple answer reinstates the power struggle integral to discourse and now zizek is ahead! Come on man. Don’t fuck around with Zizek!

Ladies and gentlemen so what about the social elites Zizek is talking about? The elites are not only more human than others. non-elites in today’s world are voiceless subhumans. this social apartheid (zizek – hardtalk) or intellectual apartheid is a very traumatizing subject for me. i am on the greener side of this (intellectual barrier) fence, i want to stay there, i acknowledge the fence is a problem and i see myself consciously, emotionally and naively wanting to remove it.  yet the fence is so important to my well-being. i rely on the elevated ground for my identity. it is my safety net. it is my sense of pride and joy.  not only that! humans on the other side of the fence are not aware of their intellectual inferiority from the point of reference of the post-nietzsche-foucault world.  it is as if they will continue to speak a completely different language until they are CONDITIONED to think like intellectually advanced humans. this creates an alarming problem. how to introduce something to them such as thinking outside a dogmatic paradigm, where it can be complete anathema to them. the reason why i mention this is: i am going back to my homeland.  and i am unsure of the way to mask my sentiments. of course i can stay mute. but i know i will not do so. so should i recondition myself “backwards” or march-forth into life threatening, socially stigmatizing intellectual standpoints. now i will ponder upon my dilemma. thank you dear diary for letting me voyueristically share my ideas with u lol.