November 15, 2009

If you are really a smart person — a realist — it is impossible with todays set of knowledge and philoshopies floating around in the collective, to not be an existentialist. I know, many of us are silently aware of it. Doesn’t mean i can’t blurt it out. I mean i look around: wtf is happening! since i have graduated from university 4-5 months back, my life has been a constant effort to proletarianize my thinking, my behavior and my actions. I have practiced the beautiful worldly compromise of moderation and tried to exemplify a yuppy work ethic. In the city! my love affair with the word downtown has landed me in a crack infested ghetto. I am happy cause I have a view of the colorfully symbolic CN Tower. My only table in the room symbolizes my take on life. it is a couple of stacks of Yellowpages. it looks ridiculous, does the job, can be dismantled at any time and its composition gives it context. Very Gestalt. otherwise i am alright. metropolitan as always and have a wonderful mattress, a view of the sky,  a back pain, no curtains and a hunger for the sky.

i have a blog. kind of funny. everytime i think about this latest addition to my private property i get amazed. i am an exhibitionist people. come read my blog if you find it. it is throughly uneventful, but it is mine. i give no value to you, so you will not really find it. BUT, when I type here: I am the centre of the www. not to bash all blogs, there are many many useful blogs. but not mine. not yet, i do not have anything to contribute yet to this hard working, over delivering world. not enough cultural capital. this having said, i dont knwo if it’s really true though. my my film reviews are really good. i am quite the expert on film don’t you think?  anyways read this guys and make me Godard! for that is my ultimate goal!




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